How to choose, cleanse and charge your crystals and crystal mala necklaces?

Temple of Energy was created out of love for crystals - experiencing their healing power, we wanted to give you the opportunity to benefit from their miraculous energy! To fully enjoy the effects of these Mother Earth’s gifts, please remember that they like regular cleansing! Same as in our material world, in spirituality we also talk about energetic “health and safety" protocols. These are sets of good practices that support our energetic field, keeping it free from unwanted energies and making sure we are increasing our vibrations. For this purpose it is good to have rock salt, set of cleansing crystals or smudging sticks (a large selection can be found in our store) in your spiritual “toolbox”.

Crystals can delight you with their beauty, and for many, their visual qualities are enough encouragement to include them as a part of styling. But they are not only nice necklaces and jewelry, above all, we strongly recommend making friends with them on a spiritual level!




When working with stones or wearing them in the form of jewelry, it is very important to remember about the intention. Intention is a form of a powerful thought, a "program" that we impose on a given form - in this case a stone or a mala of crystals. 

On our website you will find detailed descriptions of the properties of the stones. Choose the right one for you, the one that will support your current needs. Follow your intuition and attraction. Then, focus on what support you want while wearing your mala. When you wear or take your mala with you, program it with the intention - it will amplify the energetical properties and protect you like a talisman, magic spell or a friend who constantly supports you in achieving your goals. It’s vibration will unblock your energetical centers and restore an energetic flow in your physical and energetic body. All challenges that we are facing are first occurring in our aura - our energetical body. It’s crucial to start healing and restoring balance at it’s root cause. From that point we can start to increase vibrations and get crystal’s support to achieve your goals, abundance and happy life.

Intention will also be crucial in cleansing the stones. Do you know that it is best to clean your mala after each use? Crystals have the amazing property of pulling out of us what does not serve us, so you should clean them like a sponge soaked in liquid! Otherwise, their action may weaken or they may give us unwanted energy. You will reach for any of the following methods of crystal purification, remember that the process should be accompanied by intention!




The most effective methods of purifying crystals are washing them in cold water, placing them in coarse salt, incensing them with e.g. white sage, burying them in the ground or exposing them to the sun. We recommend reaching for the option that intuitively feels most appropriate to you. Only when the stones are exposed to the sun, it should be taken into account that they may slightly change their color - this will happen in the case of, among others, malachite, lemon, amethyst or lapis lazuli. Some stones, due to their delicate structure, should not come into contact with salt or a mixture of water and salt, which some also use for purification. In our opinion, the best way to purify the crystals is to place them under running water, visualizing that this element cleans them of all adverse influences, up to the point where the stone emanates back pure, healing energy.


incense, kadzidła, sage, szałwia, crystals, kryształy


Alternatively or simultaneously, you can also use incense smoke in the form of bark or dried leaves for cleaning. Light, for example, white sage and let the smoke incense your mala, keeping your intention in mind of course. A great way to clean stones is also placing them in the ground - we can bury our crystals for the whole night or even several days. In this way, we will clean them and charge them at the same time, because the Earth has excellent transformational properties! Some people also place their crystals in a pot with soil.

Yet another way to remove energy deposits is to place stones in an amethyst brush or quartz geode, which have strong cleansing properties. You can also use the so-called a selenite wand, which has the property of transforming negative energy into positive energy - converting low into high vibration. If, on the other hand, you like to use the healing sounds of instruments such as bowls, gongs or bells, you can also use them to clean the crystal by placing it in the field of sound waves for a few minutes.


Choose the way that best resonates with you and take care of the energy balance of your crystals to fully experience their healing effects!

We wish you wonderful, transforming moments spent in practice with Temple of Energy crystal malas!