The meaning of being “grounded”

You might often hear the term “grounded” being used in the spiritual and personal development arenas. But what does it mean to be grounded? And how can we experience that feeling?

Being spiritually grounded is an essential part of life, even if you do not believe you are a spiritual person.

Being grounded is having a solid connection with Mother Earth and being in touch with nature. Human beings are made of energy, so it is natural that we can become uprooted from the ground easily. A great example of this can be zoning out during an important work meeting or not paying attention when slicing an onion and slicing your hand instead! Ouch!

Spiritual grounding is being fully present in the now. It is not worrying about the future or judging the past, because that takes you out of the present moment, and the present moment is all that really exists. These days many people run on autopilot and grounding is a process of getting your attention out of your head and mind and into your body. Grounding is a great tool to help those who spend a lot of time within their mind, overthinking. Grounding your spiritual experiences, feelings, and thoughts, allows them to become developed with the power to manifest. If you have amazing visions, dreams, and ideas but are not grounded, you will find it difficult to fuse your experiences into reality, remaining grounded is key.

When you’re not grounded you may feel:

  • tired
  • lightheaded
  • disconnected
  • irritable
  • anxious.

Grounding is a practice that can help you pull away from flashbacks, unwanted memories, and negative or challenging emotions too. There are 30 super helpful grounding techniques on Healthline, click here to read.

For Healers and anyone working on their spiritual development, you may allow your higher Chakras to open to the Divine realms. Sometimes being ungrounded is the only way to connect to these higher realms, but it is vital that once you finish you ground yourself back to Mother Gaia and the present moment. Make sure that you regularly ground yourself into the Earth Star Chakra. Your Earth Star Chakra is not a part of your physical body like the other seven chakras. It is located below your feet, and makes up part of your etheric body. It connects directly to the core of the Earth and to Mother Gaia.

Here are our top tips on grounding into your body and out of your mind:

  • Crystals of course! Certain crystals and stones are amazing for grounding, try carrying them around with you, keep them in your space or mediate with them. The Power and Protection Box includes Tiger’s Eye and Smoky Quartz and the 7 Chakra Healing Box contains Shungite, perfect tools for grounding. Shop here
  • Eating is great for grounding, it reminds us that we have a physical body. Also, the process of digestion helps bring energy down and away from our crown and third eye chakras. Root veggies are also a great choice because they are high vibe foods.
  • Chocolate is great for spiritual grounding, due to its earthy properties :) try choosing a raw, high quality option if you can. Our all time favourite is Ubud Raw Chocolate.    
  • Have a relaxing salt bath! Combine salt's inherent healing properties with water's purifying properties and you will be transported back to the present moment. .
  • Move your body; this can help you feel centered quickly. Try dancing, yoga or even just walking around your home!
  • Connect with beautiful Mother Nature by walking barefoot outside, this feels amazing on grass, sand or soil. Maybe you enjoy gardening, or hugging beautiful trees :)
  • Visualisation is our final powerful tool. Start by sitting with your feet flat on the floor or Root Chakra touching the ground. Take some deep breaths and imagine roots (like a tree) from your Root Chakra and feet breaking into the Earth, making their way to connect with the core of Mother Gaia. Once connected feel the energy running through these roots between you and the centre of the Earth. You can practice this grounding technique many times.

There it is, grounding broken down and tips on how to ground yourself to make sure you see the results of your fantastic ideas and dreams in reality. We provide two powerful grounding crystals in the Power and Protection Box, click here to buy!