Welcome to the Consciousness Reawakening!

Temple of Energy is your temple of power and high vibrations!
If ordinary jewelry is not enough for you, and beauty without a message does not impress you anymore, we invite you to the world of Temple of Energy. It is a shop created out of love for nature and spirituality with selected accessories for the elevation of everyday rituals, restoring balance and attracting good energy. You will find here our beloved crystal Mala necklaces, beautiful copper bottles, smudging sticks, dresses and other accessories, with the help of which you will invite high vibrations into your life!

Our brand was inspired by one of the most spiritual places in the world - Ubud, Bali. It is here that we were struck by the powerful, healing power of crystals, which can be a unique decoration, but most of all support us with their energy powered by the elements. Crystals and incense, with their properties and vibrations, affect our energy and physical body, change the flow of energy in and around us. Mala crystal necklaces are not only an element of styling, but also an inspiration for the practice of meditation, mindfulness and affirmation. It is a daily support in your life challenges.

The world today should open up to a spiritual dimensions. We now need to take care of ourselves and our space to find harmony and return to the primal power.

Your body and your home are energy temples. Together with Temple of Energy, invite abundance, gratitude, health, joy and harmony into your life!

Lots of love,
Temple of Energy