Silver Ring with Amethyst Super Cut Crystal –  Adjustable Size

Silver Ring with Amethyst Super Cut Crystal – Adjustable Size

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Amethyst Intuition | Royalty | Creativity

We think you will agree that Amethyst jewellery is a timeless, sophisticated and elegant choice. 

Did you know that Amethyst was valued the same, if not more, than a Diamond? It’s not surprising when you learn this precious stone has represented the privilege of royalty since the stone age. Yes, that’s right, Amethyst has been a favourite among Kings and Queens throughout history. What can we say, you have exquisite taste! 

Known as the “all healer” Amethyst has the ability to expand your mind and enhance creativity, originality and passion. Its high frequency is said to purify the aura of any negative energy and create a protective shield of Light around the body, especially when worn in the form of jewellery.

Due to its incredibly calming properties Amethyst is said to help relieve stress, anxiety, headaches and balance hormones. Amethyst is also believed to help keep negative energy away, bringing a positive and healing frequency to you. 

We love Amethyst and that is why we offer it in a variety of forms! Click here to view our Goddess Box and here to view our 7 Chakra Healing Box!