A few words about internal energy & what chakras and meridians are?

Mind and body. Soul and matter. In our body, energy accumulates and flows constantly, having a huge impact on how we feel and how we perceive reality. What are the chakras and meridians that are so much talked about in the energy context? How can we influence our well-being and direct our energy potential? You will learn from this Temple of Energy article.

Axis between the energy and satisfaction


In the Far East for many centuries chakras have been widely discussed in esoteric beliefs and practices. The chakras appear where the direction and dynamics of life are determined by accumulated and properly directed energy. What are they really? Our inner energy centers are resonating with the external energy, events and emotions that touch us. Each of them is responsible for a different area of ​​health in life. Placed along the vertical axis of the body, they contribute to the feeling of inner harmony and unity. It happens, however, that as a result of external factors, the chakras are closed or damaged, and our full potential is being blocked temporarily. To fully enjoy our possibilities and enjoy life to the fullest, we work to ensure that energy can flow freely through our body and mind, creating a synergistic unity with the universe.

The journey to fulfillment

If the chakras are energy centers, then the meridians mentioned in the introduction are the path to these energy points. Particularly described in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, over time they have become an important and harmonizing element for humans. Just as we won’t go against the current, when we think about chakras and meridians, we should follow the directions of natural energy. There are 12 main meridians - 6 ying meridians and 6 yang meridians. By caring for their harmony and a balanced flow of energy, we attract positive emotions, good health and rewarding events to ourselves. We also generate an aura that attracts good people and… good moments.

In order to achieve balance of the meridians and to unlock the chakras, we need to be mindful and look inside. Self-improvement through meditation and prayer practices, sessions of deep relaxation and inner cleansing, looking into the depths of our own self, which will allow us to discover our unconscious needs, possibilities, but also... our blocks. In this extraordinary journey, it is worth opening up to the healing power of nature and stones that support the opening of individual chakras and improve the work of the meridians. Unique crystals, such as: rock crystal, citrine, quartz, turquoise, malachite, carnelian, lapis lazuli, onyx, selenite, amethyst, agate, pyrite, hematite, tourmaline and many more help regulate our internal energy by strengthening the flow of positive vibrations. On the other hand, the male myTemple necklaces made of stones and crystals support the activity of the chakras, allow you to release the full potential of meditation and restore the natural physical and mental balance.

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