The importance of self-love

Do you look beyond yourself for love? Do you measure your lovability on external validation? For example, the approval of your family, maybe the number of likes on an Instagram post, or the number of swipes received on a dating app.

Many people go through life thinking “I am not complete, I am not worthy, or I am not good enough.” With these low vibrational thoughts constantly being replayed in your mind, you will naturally turn outside of yourself to other people or things to make you feel better, but when you receive that instant yet temporary external validation, it still does not work. Do you know why? It’s because you have to fall in love with yourself first. Self-love is the answer.   

We all have so many charming qualities that make people fall in love with us, I bet you can count them if you took the time to, take a few minutes to count three right now!

You have achieved so many exceptional things in your life, things that you never thought you could! But if you don't truly believe that you are complete, if you do not have that self-love, does it really feel how you always imagined it would? To hit that personal goal, or find that loving relationship, or receive that promotion you worked so hard for. Have you even acknowledged the amazing things you have achieved in your life so far? 

No matter how much you try to show people that you are lovable, people instinctively know when you do not love yourself. If you have no self-love, no amount of external love, appreciation, or beauty will give you self-love if you find it difficult to love yourself.

Now can you see where your thinking has now gone wrong? Can you see where you are not showing yourself compassion and self-love? If you can see where you have been going wrong then you can absolutely put it right and fall in love with yourself. So many people think it's hard but we are here to tell you it is easy; simply by telling yourself that you are lovable. You do not need to be perfect because perfect is not sustainable, let alone relatable or likeable. You do not have to be perfect to be loved or have self-love. You can start here, right now.

When you deeply honour, respect, and believe that you are complete, your entire life will change in ways you never could have imagined.

So… who wants to live a life full of joy, unconditional love, inner peace, and freedom?

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