"My way to Mum - I'm coming towards you Mum"

The relationships we create in life are deeply rooted with the connection we have with our mother. It's nearly exactly like a "copy and paste" situation. Motherly relations create our world, from relationships towards our partners, children, friends and at work. After all, our life begins with our mother.

How much of our mum is still a part of us? How much acceptance and understanding of it is in our life, or how much resentment, regret, pain or anger we keep?

What is the impact of relationship with her in our daily life and what are the consequences of the interrupted movement towards her, or towards life? 

If your partner reflects a relationship with their Mother,  how does this affect your relationships with them?

Bert Helinger once said, "As we welcome our mother, so we welcome our lives."

In this workshop on the originally interrupted movement of love for mom, we will be able to see where we are in our lives and how we portray them.

The road towards mum is, first of all, accepting fate as it is - without a judgment. It is taking responsibility in the Here and Now for Your Life as an adult and finding your strengths and power within.

Our life will be successful when the movement towards her is accepted, healed then the flow of love will begin.


What can you expect from this workshop:

  • healing the relationship with the mother and thus with the partner,
  • regain a sense of security and love,
  • peace and joy in the heart,
  • life satisfaction and finding a sense of life,
  • healing relationships with other people.


Do not be afraid to meet your fear, dissolve and heal the wounds of your childhood, the one who is still crying out.

Take to the surface what hasn't been loved and accepted yet. Transform and revive!

Laura Janisiewicz - A System Settings Therapist and a Breath Coach

Place and date of the Workshop:

September 18-19, 2021 - Konstancin - Jeziorna (near Warsaw)


Saturday 9AM - 7PM (Lunch break from 1pm-2pm)

Sunday 9AM - 6PM (Lunch break from 1pm-2pm)



  • Total cost with lunch: 880.00 PLN. Non-returnable ADMISSION in the amount of PLN 440.00
  • AS A REPRESENTATIVE: Total cost with lunch: 480.00 PLN. Non-returnable ADMISSION in the amount of PLN 240.00

The remaining cost can be paid in cash on the day of the Workshop, providing a proof of payment by bank transfer. 

Please transfer to the account:

Passion for life Foundation

Account number 18124011091111001058010106

In the reference please enter your name & surname: "Settings"

An invoice send upon request.