Kaleidoscope Copper Water Bottle

Kaleidoscope Copper Water Bottle

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Did you know that copper is a brain stimulant? It helps the mind to function quicker and more effectively! 

Aside from the health benefits, these copper water bottles are a piece of art! Friends and family will be complimenting you on your bottle and you can share all the health benefits to help them improve their health too

One more thing to add, all bottles are handmade and hand hammered, meaning they all vary slightly in size, design and shape, no two are the same. A little like fingerprints or snowdrops… unique and personal to you. These bottles are not mass made in a factory by robots, they are made with love and care, and because of this they already carry great energy to start you on your conscious water health journey. The bottles have been tested for lead and are made from 98% copper and 2% zinc.

How best to use:

We advise that you only store water in your copper water bottle and it should be stored in the bottle for at least 6 hours before drinking. When you have almost run out of water you can top up the bottle without emptying it. This means that the fresh water blends with the already copper-containing water, so it is unnecessary to wait a further 6 hours to drink.

How to clean:

Every 2 to 6 months wash the inside of the bottle by filling it with warm to hot water and squeezing in a lemon or 100ml vinegar and 2 teaspoons baking soda or salt. Stir well and allow it to sit for about an hour. Make sure you rinse your bottle thoroughly with warm water and voila, it is now perfect to drink from again.

P.s. if you get a little squeak in your lid all you need to do is oil it with coconut or olive oil

Please rinse well before first use.